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Social mobility board members all leave

Alan Milburn (former Labour Health Secretary) said that individual ministers such as Education Secretary Justine Greening have shown a deep commitment to social mobility, but added that it has "become obvious that the government as a whole is unable to commit the same level of support".

"[The government] is understandably focused on Brexit and does not seem to have the necessary bandwidth to ensure that the rhetoric of healing social division is matched with the reality," the letter said.

I do not doubt your personal belief in social justice, but I see little evidence of that being translated into meaningful action. The need for political leadership in this area has never been more pressing. Social mobility is one of the biggest challenges facing our country today. It is not just the poorest in society who are losing out.

Whole communities and parts of Britain are being left behind economically and hollowed out socially. The growing sense that we have become an ‘us and them' society is deeply corrosive of our cohesion as a nation."