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Social workers reject the government's plans for reform

A report by Unison shows that 9/10 social workers think that the government's planned reforms do not tackle the main concerns that the profession is facing.

Measures included in the Children and Social Work Bill would allow councils to apply to be exempt from some children's social care legislation. 69% said that the bill's so-called exemption clause would lead to more children being placed at risk.

There is also a suggested new system of regulating social workers, and allowing the creation of social work trusts. 9/10 said they think social workers should be regulated by an independent body and only 10% said they should be directly regulated by the government.    

99% cent said they do not trust the government not to privatise social work functions.

Dave Prentis, Unison General Secretary highlighted the importance of the safety which he stated must be the most important factor of the government and not to remove protection from those least able to help themselves. He wants the government to listen to the profession.