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Study suggests Academies are letting disadvantaged students down.

New research indicates disadvantaged children taught in two-thirds of academy chains have lower attainment levels than the mainstream school average.

A five year study by the Sutton Trust of 58 Academy chains indicates a continuing variation in outcomes for disadvantaged students. Disadvantaged pupils in 12 out of 58 chains had attainment above the national average across all mainstream schools including three schools that were substantially above the average. However, 38 of the 58 had attainment below average, 8 of which were well below average.

The report warns that academy chains are failing in their aim to improve educational achievement, and calls upon:  

Regional Schools Commissioners (RSCs) to act more firmly with chains that do not deliver improvement over time,

Ofsted to be empowered to undertake formal inspections of academy chains,

The Government, along with the National and Regional Schools Commissioners to do more to create mechanisms to ensure the spread of good practice from the best academy chains to the rest. 

For the full report read here