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Substantial improvement in Tower Hamlets responding to knife crime

The council has been praised by OFSTED for doing some good work to deal with the increase in knife crimes and protect children.

"They are mainly children with very complex needs who are known to a number of agencies, sometimes for many years, due to adversity suffered in childhood. Senior leaders across all agencies have recognised that the complexity of issues in relation to exploited children means that a joint multi-agency approach is required. Consequently, the revised early help strategy is intended to address former weak practice for this group of children. This is now an important priority for the local authority and the safeguarding children board. They have recently co located key staff and created a dedicated multi-agency exploitation team who are effective in responding quickly to high-risk situations.

 Working relationships with stakeholders are developing to help and protect these vulnerable children”.

 They concluded that there has been a "substantial improvement" in the quality of practice with exploited children and their families.