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Suffolk Council sets out proposals to convert children’s centres to Family Hubs.

A major overhaul of Suffolk County Council's early years provision includes plans to close 11 children’s centres, 9 of which would be re-purposed into Family Hubs.

The Council’s Centres Centre Review, which has been released for consultation, sets out a number of proposals including:

● The development of 16 full time Family Hubs and 11 part time Family Hubs

● Re-purposing 9 sites for nursery provision or school provision that do not offer suitable accommodation for a Family Hub or where there are not enough nursery places

● Increasing the Outreach service offer across Suffolk

● Closing 2 buildings that cannot be re-purposed due to their unsuitability for use as nursery or school provision and do not offer suitable accommodation for a Family Hub

● Retaining and improving the existing services offered through the use of Suffolk Libraries

With any savings generated then reinvested back into the service.

Read the full consultation information document here.