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Teaser information drop for our 2015 annual conference!

We are excited to finally announce the title of our 2015 Annual Conference! It is... (drum roll)... 

Connecting Agendas – Challenging the System

25th June at The Royal Over-Seas League, London.

Following the tremendous success of our 2014 conference on Troubled Families, once again we are running a conference on Early Help and Troubled Families this year!

As with last year, we will be bringing together the following people:

  • Children’s and adult services, troubled families teams, heads of commissioning, school leaders, parent support advisers, family workers, health visitors, midwives, youth offending teams, social workers, early intervention teams, children’s centre and nursery staff, education welfare teams, housing service providers, drug and alcohol action teams, community safety teams, community health teams, children’s services coordinators, drug and alcohol teams, councillors and third sector providers

Conference Vision

To connect policies, agendas and services to support vulnerable families:

Conference Goals

To bring together key agendas across early help, troubled families, early intervention, and vulnerable children in school, school readiness and early years.

The key agendas we will bring together are: 

  • Early Help & Troubled families
  • Early intervention – supporting victims, or those at high risk of, abuse or neglect 
  • Vulnerable children in school – removing barriers to learning for the most vulnerable children
  • School readiness - assessing children’s early development needs

Combining policy and effective practice

Policy experts and those using innovative and effective practice to transform the lives of vulnerable families will be brought together in one place to ensure your time is spent hearing about what really matters to you. 

To reserve a place or for more information, please email