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Think Family Pathfinders: Research

Children experiencing very poor outcomes often come from families who face multiple and complex problems, such as poverty, domestic abuse, poor mental health or substance misuse.

Co-ordinated, multi-agency interventions can be a cost-effective way of improving outcomes for both the children and adults within these families, whilst reducing the burdens they may place on a number of local services and, potentially, the care system.

The emerging findings of this programme provide practical examples of how local authorities from across the country are restructuring service provision and developing new working practices in response to the challenges of improving outcomes for these families.


  • Think Family Pathfinders – Research Update
  • Think Family Pathfinders Evaluation: Aims and Objectives
  • Background to Think Family Pathfinders and the Think Family Approach
  • Overview of the evaluation
  • Addressing need
  • Models of delivery
  • The three models
  • Characteristics of delivery common to most areas
  • Challenges
  • Emerging practice: Information systems
  • Emerging practice: Engaging other services and agencies
  • Referral and assessment
  • Raising awareness of Young Carers
  • Some emerging evidence of impact on families
  • Contacts