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Troubled Families programme delivers substantial savings

The Troubled Families programme has demonstrated that it has delivered savings of more than double the amount spent on turning around the lives of families with complex problems.

Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) cost analysis of the £448m initiative showed the average financial benefit per family to taxpayers is £11,200, more than double the £5,214 spent on interventions for each family that have gone through the programme.

In the year before entering the programme families involved cost taxpayers £26,000 on average, taking into account costs such as benefits, criminal justice and social care. For the most complex cases the average cost to the taxpayer was £44,000.

Among areas analysed, the evaluation found that the programme in Salford reduced the health spending for each family by £1,700 on average. 

The figures were revealed as the DCLG revealed that the programme has turned around the lives of 105,000 families that have taken part in it.

DCLG state that 9/10 of the 120,000 families involved in the programme have now seen significant improvement in their lives, including finding work and reduction in incidents of antisocial behaviour and truancy.