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Wakefield Council Children’s Services confirmed as ‘improving’.

OFSTED has confirmed that Wakefield Children’s Services are improving and that oversight by a government appointed commissioner is no longer required.

After giving an Inadequate ruling in 2018 with warnings that children were being left at risk due to staffing problems and poor management oversight, OFSTED has now recognised that the local authority has continued to make improvements to its services for children and young people and the government has approved a recommendation that no further review visits will be required.

The latest OFSTED review, which is yet to be officially published, highlights “considerable confidence” in the council’s ability to receive more positive inspection outcomes in the future.

It praises the council’s leadership in driving forward "relentlessly ambitious" improvements and highlights that “important progress has been made in enhancing the tools, skills and resources consistently available within and to the workforce to address the challenges families are experiencing".

Wakefield Council’s director of children's services, Beate Wagner, said: “The government’s decision is testament to the confidence in our improvement to date and the plans in place for continued and sustainable transformation to our services”.