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Wendy Weal talks at Community Care Live Conference

This month (May 2016) Wendy gave a presentation on Motivational Interviewing.

She spoke about how this powerful technique brings about behaviour change.  She has no doubt that Motivational Interviewing works effectively with individuals and families with multiple and complex needs and massively improves outcomes.

 It is increasingly being used as an approach to bring about effective and sustainable change in social care.

Here are some of the points covered:

How and where motivational interviewing applies in a social care setting
• Why it is important to understand people’s motivations to change
• How they need to think about the cycle of change
• How motivational interviewing works with what we traditionally see as ‘resistance’
• What working in a different way looks like in practice – a new language and engaging individuals and families
• A swift overview of motivational interviewing style and principles
• The challenges in using motivational interviewing in social care

The practice techniques were welcomed and since the presentation she has received positive feedback from the delegates.