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Youth Endowment Fund launches funding initiative to reduce likelihood of children becoming involved in violence

In partnership with Comic Relief, The Youth Endowment Fund has announced a new £10 million fund to back programmes that support families and keep children from violent crime.

The charity is looking to identify around 5 to 10 programmes to fund and evaluate with an overall budget of between £6 million and £10 million.

It is interested in funding and evaluating programmes where the evidence of positive impact on children is promising. In this round the fund is being focused in four main areas:

  1. Parenting programmes (including programmes for foster carers or people working with children in residential care), which help parents and their children to develop positive behaviours and relationships.
  2. Family therapy interventions (including for children in foster care), which offer whole families structured forms of therapy.
  3. Programmes to reduce parental conflict, which are specifically designed to improve relationships between parents or carers.
  4. Domestic abuse interventions, which are specifically designed to prevent and reduce harm to children and adults.

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