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Youth Endowment Fund to support grassroots organisations to take part in research to find out what works to keep children safe from violence

The Youth Endowment Fund has announced an investment in two innovative new evaluations, working exclusively with smaller organisations.

The funding will focus on two approaches that are commonly used by grassroots organisations – hospital navigators (who help people who have been the victims of a violent assault to access additional support) and mentoring (where relationships are built to support a mentee to achieve their goals) – testing to see how multi-site trials can help us to understand how these common practices make a difference to the children and young people taking part.

The Thames Violence Reduction unit has been announced as lead project partner in the hospital navigators project which will see over £150,000 funding for a multi-site trial across five hospitals. The evaluation aims to estimate the intervention’s impact on violence and help fill the gaps in understanding on whether it’s effective, particularly for children and young people.

The Mentoring project will receive over £550,000 funding which will initially see around 10 small organisations that deliver mentoring recruited to take part in a feasibility study. This will inform the roll-out of a subsequent pilot evaluation involving up to 20 small organisations, delivering mentoring to approximately 1,000 children and young people over the course of a year.

Dr Daniel Acquah, Assistant Director of Evaluation, Youth Endowment Fund said “Smaller organisations have an important role to play in keeping children and young people safe, but they often haven’t been given the support they need to take part in large-scale evaluations.

Through this funding, we want to learn about how we could run innovative and reliable large-scale evaluations with lots of smaller organisations, all delivering common activities. That way, we can make sure we’re building a broad picture of what works to prevent children and young people from becoming involved in violence, which will help us advocate for the things that make the biggest difference.