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Youth offending team managers criticise stocktake

Youth offending team (YOT) managers have criticised a government review of their work, claiming it is simply concerned with earmarking potential cuts stating that the “stocktake” into the work of local YOTs was more focused on where cash can be saved than understanding the value of the work they do.

When the MoJ review was announced, youth justice minister said he wanted to understand the different methods and structures being utilised by YOTs across England and Wales.

Gareth Jones, chair of AYM, said it now appears that the review is being used to identify areas where savings can be made.

 “The survey they sent out was heavily biased towards financial outcomes. My concern is that they are looking for ways to disinvest without realising what the outcomes of that disinvestment would be. The money you put into a YOT is very small relatively compared to the huge pay-outs in terms of crime reduction. We are very good value for money but that will not be seen if you just take a narrow view,”


“Our fear is that when ministers consider these reports they won’t see the value of the non-statutory, preventative work that we do”, he added.