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Trauma Informed Practice

To provide trauma-informed care to children, young people and families professionals need to have an awareness and understanding of the impact of trauma on child development and learn how to effectively minimize its effects without causing additional trauma.

We provide packages of training/support to help you consider up to date evidence from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's) and provide information on building trauma-informed systems, and support networks that address secondary trauma for workers. 

We are working with areas to train their workforce in understanding what trauma looks like how to avoid re-traumatisation and build effective relationships that offer safety and an opportunity to build resilience.

Training and support will be tailored to local area need and offer staff resources to build confidence to work with individuals and families alongside increasing their knowledge and understanding.  

How can we help:

  • Supporting staff and leaders to understand and identify Adverse Childhood Experiences.
  • Build knowledge around how ACE’s can impact long term outcomes and the significance to individual professional roles.
  • Consider how to create and work within a trauma informed Framework – Recognise, Respond, Avoid re-traumatisation, Build Resilience.
  • Build a toolkit of resources and strategies to support family and individual resilience and enhance relationships.
  • Identify and reduce secondary stress.
  • Create systemic and trauma informed approaches to building resilience.

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