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Staff Wellbeing

This course covers the governing body’s role in promoting staff and Headteacher Wellbeing. This will be considered in context of local and national expectations from OFSTED, rapid change and recruitment.

You will consider some key questions to ask yourselves as a governing body:

  • What do we mean by wellbeing?
  • Why is this important in the context of school staff?
  • What is the responsibility of the Governing Body?  
  • How can we identify wellbeing issues in school and how can we address them? 

At a time when recruitment is a national issue, recognising the importance of staff wellbeing is crucial in helping to appoint and retain staff, including Headteachers. 

This training takes Governing Bodies through a series of exercises in order to answer the above questions, in the context of each setting, taking into account guidance and advice from others, including the Health & Safety Executive and MIND. 

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