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The role of the Chair

Every School/Academy/Federation should have an effective governing body made up of well informed, knowledgeable, skilled governors.

Being the chair of governors is central to this. It is a very worthwhile role, yet demanding role. To be effective, you need a good understanding of the role and its responsibilities so that your school gains maximum benefit.

Learning Outcomes

  • Leading effective governance.
  • Giving the governing body a clear lead and direction.
  • Ensuring that the governors work as an effective team.
  • Building the team.
  • Attracting governors with the necessary skills.
  • Ensuring that tasks are delegated across the governing body.
  • Relationship with the Headteacher.
  • Being a critical friend by offering support, challenge and encouragement, and ensuring the headteacher’s performance management is rigorous and robust.
  • Improving your school.
  • Ensuring school improvement is the focus of all policy and strategy and that governor monitoring reflects school improvement priorities.
  • Leading the business.
  • Ensuring that statutory requirements and regulations are met.
  • Ensuring governing body business is conducted efficiently.
  • Culture of the governing body.


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