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The Children and Families Practitioner and Manager standards have been approved and we can now support you with meeting your workforce needs through the apprenticeship scheme.  

At the moment, Interface are not a full apprenticeship provider. But our Level 4 Certificate - Working with Children, Individuals and Families has been named as a mandatory qualification option for the Children and Families Practitioner Standard. See more about that course here. 

We have created a FAQ document to support you. Contact us for more info. 

Why use us? 

We are truly passionate about helping the workforce transform the lives of vulnerable children and families. Our values can be felt across the organisation and we only provide training and support that meets this aim. We know that our training makes a real difference to learners and families. We receive 100% excellent feedback on our courses and the individual and tailored support that we offer learners. 

We have an outstanding team of people with real passion, who go over and above, and who have fantastic experience in both working with children and families and training, assessment and support. 

We are national. We have worked with over 60 areas supporting the workforce and have an up-to-date picture of effective, emerging and innovative practice throughout the country. We are a key conduit for sharing of this practice nationwide and can interpret this to meet your needs. It’s our vision.

We are flexible to meet your needs. We know that you need learners to make a difference to your children and families. We spend time understanding your needs and include local forms and processes to get this right for you. 

We have an excellent reputation as a customer-led organisation, and this is really important to us. We are extremely professional and flexible, and are 100% committed to support you to make a difference.

Want to know more?

Contact us  about how we can help you. 


Interface are trusted by…

Our approach to early help was inadequate as was our Troubled Families programme, overall we were not fit for families and as a result we were failing. Interface worked alongside us as we built our new Early Help offer, enabling external trouble shooting, facilitation of the identification of solutions and growing practitioners that had all the skills but were lacking in confidence and application. Interface worked alongside us. They were excellent and professional throughout. The outcomes were excellent with a recent Ofsted inspection praising within our Early Help teams.

Elizabeth Broadhurst, Troubled Families Coordinator (Norfolk)