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Anger Management Solutions

Anger issues can be overwhelming for children and young people, for their families and for the practitioners working with them.

When anger issues become sufficiently disruptive in a child or young person’s life, they can greatly affect their quality of life and their life chances and can escalate into mental health problems over time.

We have created this practical course to provide you with the knowledge and awareness to utilise solution-focused approaches to enable children and young people to develop their own solutions to address their anger issues.

There will be opportunities to practice solution-focused techniques and, while the course will be mainly focused on anger, the solution-focused approaches can be adapted to address other social, emotional and behavioural needs.

The course is suitable for practitioners working directly with children and young people in schools and children’s services.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the key features of solution-focused approaches
  • Apply a range of solution-focused techniques
  • Understand what anger is and the purpose of anger
  • Understand models for anger and the implications for practice
  • Understand techniques that can be used to prevent and defuse situations
  • Understand how to utilize solution-focused approaches to enable people to develop their own anger management solutions

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