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Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is a philosophical approach to Improving performance or organisational change that is different than our traditional deficit-based approach which is often based on a deficit model of what is not working well.

 Instead it looks at what is working and how. It attempts to use ways of asking questions and envisioning the future in order to foster positive relationships and build on the present potential of a given person, organisation or situation.

 Our programme covers the following areas:

 Problem-solving versus appreciative enquiry

  • What is appreciative enquiry
  • Assumptions underlying appreciative enquiry
  • The four – D cycle
    1. Discovery phase
    2. Dream phase
    3. Design phase
    4. Delivery phase

 As always, we will support participants in their daily work by sharing examples of good practice and tips/templates as well as a list of useful questions to support appreciative inquiry.

 We can also provide this course on a virtual basis. Contact us for options including fully online facilitated interactive group sessions to bite size information/videos/workbook/tools and worksheets. 

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