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Assessment skills - critical analysis

An interactive session for all staff working day to day with children and families to build on their assessment and analysis skills.

We will offer professionals an opportunity to enhance skills they already have and focus on what we have learnt through research and good practice.

Have a clear understanding of:

  • The principles underpinning assessments of children and their families
  • The purpose of any assessment and their legal mandate
  • How to analyse the information

Using research and learning from serious case reviews to understand the:

  • Importance of multi-agency, holistic assessments, which capture the voice of the child and as far as possible, work in partnership with parents
  • Need to utilise the families’ strengths as well identifying the risks posed to the child(ren), alongside any gaps in information,
  • Necessity of a framework within which to analyse the information gathered
  • Importance of translating assessment findings into a SMART plan to promote the welfare of the child/ren

Increase confidence in:

  • Assessing the welfare of children at risk

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