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C-Change - Capacity to Change

We have partnered with The University of Bristol to deliver national training to support the embedding of the C-Change Capacity to Change approach.  

C-Change is a flexible approach to assessing parents’ capacities to change where the children are in need or at risk of maltreatment.

 It is of interest to social workers and other practitioners working with children and families in these situations. It may be used, for example, to assist decision-making when care proceedings are being considered; in planning to reunite  children who have been in care with their parent(s); and in providing support through Early Help services.

C-Change focuses specifically on parental capacity to change, with the aim of improving practitioner skills and better informing future planning and decision-making.  It is designed as a complementary process, to be used alongside standard methods of assessing children and their families, such as the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need, Signs of Safety, or other equivalent approaches.

Parental capacity to change is an aspect of assessment that has proved difficult for social workers for many years, and is a growing area of interest in terms of current practice. Family courts, for example, are expecting greater attention to capacity to change in social workers’ reports for care proceedings.

There is limited availability of good quality assessment methods for practitioners regarding parental capacity to change, and C-Change fills an important gap. Problems it may help to address include delays in deciding to remove a child; decisions about removing a child from parents who might reasonably have been able to continue with the child’s care; and working with cases that appear to be ‘stuck’. 

We provided a webinar about the approach and the recording can be found HERE

There are a range of options as to how this training could be delivered for you.  Please read the brochure for an idea and talk to us about your requirements and how we can support you.

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