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Coaching Skills

We have seen (and research shows) dramatic results in organisations where leaders and managers using coaching approaches to support development and improve performance. Gaining skills in coaching along with increasing understanding through practice ensures that you can effectively enhance ownership and performance of the people you manage to meet organisational objectives.

     Our qualified and experienced Level 7 Executive Coaches and trainers create bespoke programmes from anything between 2 and 7 day courses to meet organisational needs. They cover:

  • The role and purpose of coaching – the WHAT and the WHY
  • Culture and the organisational context
  • The difference between mentoring, counselling, mediation and coaching
  • The essential skills required to be an effective coach
  • The process of coaching
  • Agreements and contracting 
  • Powerful questioning
  • What makes a good coaching conversation
  • Tools used in coaching and how to apply them 
  • How to apply coaching skills in a team environment
  • How to improve performance, accountability and responsibility 
  • Lots of practice!


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