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Courageous Conversations

The ability to manage difficult conversations is one of the cornerstones of effective management and leadership.  We will provide delegates with the opportunity to develop skills to enable them to manage difficult conversations and give feedback as well as learn how to prevent workplace conflicts escalating, understand barriers to communication, how to overcome them and how to handle challenging behaviours.  Through active participation and experiential learning, participants will gain confidence to secure sustainable outcomes.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how to prepare for, hold and reflect upon a difficult conversation including managing strong emotions and difficult behaviour.
  • Have an enhanced ability to recognise and overcome the blocks, barriers and fears around having difficult conversations.
  • Understand preferred personal approaches and their impact.
  • Develop effective and assertive responses to challenging behaviours and strong emotions.
  • Give and receive feedback using tried and tested techniques.
  • Have a greater range of active listening and reframing skills to move a situation forward.
  • Have capability to create and manage boundaries and set clear goals.

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