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Practitioner skills to work with complex families

This is one of our core training courses for staff working with individual’s, children and families with a range of emerging and complex needs.

Learners will explore the use of positive strategies to build effective relationships including effective communication, building trust, promoting safe boundaries and proactive support with individuals and families. Practitioners will consider the impacts of complex needs on individuals and families and their community using reflective practice skills. Whilst considering building family and individual resilience there will be time for staff to consider their own resilience in working with families to safeguard their own well being and learn strategies to reduce their risk of burnout. 

Feedback from these sessions has shown staff feel more confident, re energised and valued to work effectively and competent in this challenging role. 

Learning Outcomes 

  • Understand the ‘Impact’ of Complex needs on families and individuals 
  • Be able to build effective working relationships with children, individuals and families 
  • Be able to support and challenge confidently 
  • Understand the principles of effective planning and goal setting in work with families
  • Understand individual, family and worker resilience 
  • Understand the use of reflective practice. 


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