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Family Group Conferences

This is a CPD accredited course.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion with a CPD accredited logo confirming the contribution towards their continued professional development.


This course will ensure that participants obtain the necessary skills to co-ordinate family group conferences. It will increase understanding and confidence.

Learning Objectives 

Participants will: 

  • Understand the value and principles which underpin Family Group Conferences 
  • Develop a working knowledge of FGCs, including understanding the skills in preparing for the FGC, managing the meeting and the process that follows;
  • Gain insight into the legal and policy framework within which FGC’s operate;
  • Understand the issues involved in supporting children’s participation in the FGC process.
  • Explore the needs of individual participants including crucially children in the process
  • Consider the complexities of family led decision-making and learn skills in managing these complexities and conflicts in families;
  • Experience the practical application of the above through skills practice
  • Apply relational and restorative processes in family group conferencing
  • Explore how to manage resistance and deal with the unexpected

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Case Studies

Cancellation Policy

We are very flexible and will do our utmost to rearrange training should the need arise, but our trainers obviously commit themselves to the training days agreed and so if you need to cancel at short notice we will need to charge a cancellation fee to cover their time.