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Virtual Training

We now run all of our courses (both accredited and skills based) on a virtual basis. These are provided as a mix of bite sized training modules, interactive group discussion/reflections, videos, worksheets and other resources. All are easy to follow and provided with plenty of support. 

Advantages to virtual learning are:

  • Convenience - it allows learners to train away from their job with minimal disruption.
  • Flexible – learners can carry out training at various times of the day to suit their needs. 
  • Efficient – we compress face to face training into short manageable chunks to make easily digestible sessions
  • Cheaper – as no overheads
  • Supports knowledge retention - delivers an effective learning experience because of the ability to have short, interactive modules that can be repeated if needed.
  • Useful for application – time to focus on the practical application of new approaches and tools

Read more on our thoughts on the advantages of Virtual Learning and things you should consider before commissioning here.

Some of our more popular virtual courses are listed below but please see here for our full list of skills based courses, all of which are available 'virtually'.

Also, click here for our full Training Brochure. 

Virtual Accredited Training: ATHE - Awards for Training and Higher Education

Virtual Skills Training