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Substance Misuse - understanding families affected by drugs and alcohol - Virtual Training

Working effectively with individuals and families with multiple and complex needs requires staff to have an understanding of substance misuse and its effects.

This practical programme provides an overview of substance misuse and the behaviours associated with their use and those displayed by their carers. The course will provide staff with the skills to use processes involved with changing behaviour and to consider the effect on parenting and what constitutes ‘good enough’ in the context of substance misuse.

It is practical and “hands-on” and produces more confident and competent practitioners who are ready to deliver positive and effective support to individuals and families.

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to identify behaviours associated with someone who is dependent on drugs or alcohol.
  • Ability to identify behaviours associated with someone who cares for a substance user.
  • Understand the processes involved with changing behaviour in relation to substance use, using the ‘Cycle of Change’.
  • Understand what constitutes ‘good enough’ parenting and consider this in the context of parental substance use.
  • Understand the basic treatment and support interventions substance users and their families may be receiving from other services.
  • Recognise the different levels of substance use and their potential impact on families.
  • Recall commonly used substances and their impacts on families

The course will be run over a series of bite sized training modules, interactive group discussion/reflections, videos and worksheets

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