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Why choose Interface?


We are truly passionate about transforming the lives of vulnerable families.

Our mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable children and families.  Our vision is to be recognised as a world leader in providing coherent models of practice and transforming the way services are delivered.


We have an outstanding team of people with wide ranging experience of working with local authorities (LAs), schools, housing, police, children centres and many more partners, in order to plan, design, train, implement, improve and evaluate services. We have worked in over 192 clients at both management and operational levels.


We have held ISO 9001:2015 certification since 2018 providing independent confirmation of our commitment to quality both in respect of our operational processes and our service delivery. We have an established set of stretching quality measures against which we constantly review our performance with results published on a monthly basis to all our employees and associates. We apply a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process in our training provision starting from the the point of initial commissioning through to post delivery. This is applied to every element of our provision.

Our formal qualifications are all OFQUAL regulated and our most popular skills based courses have been independently accredited by the CPD Certification Service.


We have an established national team with networks and relationships across National Government, Local Authorities, Schools, Public Health, Early Years and the Community and Voluntary Sector. As a result we have an up-to-date picture of effective, emerging and innovative practice throughout the country. We are a key conduit for sharing of this practice nationwide and can interpret this to meet your needs. It’s our vision.


We have an excellent reputation as a customer-led organisation, and this is really important to us. We are ISO 9001 accredited, are extremely professional and flexible, and are 100% committed to support you to make a difference.


As leaders in our field we are finely tuned to the emerging needs of practitioners and leaders. We have continually responded to this by creating new and innovative solutions. Among these solutions are our accredited training programmes, our experiential learning experiences from eLearning and Skillsbites and our Children’s School Vulnerability Audit Tool. 

We are keen to support and create solutions that we know will make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children and families. It’s our mission. We have received regular and high quality feedback on the uniqueness of these solutions and the added dimension they bring to training or support.

Interface are trusted by…

The Interface team are all of a high calibre and experts in their chosen fields. I would have no hesitation in recommending them, particularly for contracts which need expertise in service development, interpreting current policy agendas and training support for very vulnerable adults and children and which needed to secure the engagement and commitment of local authorities and services.

Director, Children and Young People, North East

How refreshing it is to see a company put together a package that clearly demonstrates that you have worked in this field and produced a tool that can actually evidence what work we do.

Joanne Aston

Thank you for the useful and informative training session. The guidance that your trainer gave and the discussions mean that the school and the governors will be better prepared and more confident when they are inspected.

Clerk to the Stapleford Community Primary School Governing Body

It really has been an absolute pleasure to know you! I love your teaching style and cannot express how much I got out of the sessions. It was a therapeutic and extremely positive experience. I feel it will benefit my practise/ approaches with families so very much. I actually did not want it to end!

Level 4 Course, Tower Hamlets

The interface team are very approachable and responsive to our ever changing needs. They are incredibly supportive and really go the extra mile to support us.

Troubled families lead, Cambridgeshire (East)

Your team are great, they are really flexible as well as passionate about what they are doing. They made me feel really enthusiastic about what we do here.

Early Help Lead, Haringey Council

Our experience of working with Interface was extremely positive. Interface staff were very credible with all those involved including families, substance misuse staff, parenting practitioners and managers.

Their genuine care to make a difference to families came across at all times.

Action on Addiction

Interface provide high quality outputs, are responsive and demonstrate expert understanding and experience of both housing and family support services. They were very flexible and happy to meet our changing requirements during the course of the work.


We felt that Interface listened to our needs and that of our clients and they translated our vision into a product of high standard and quality. The outcome of the work was achieved, we were able to obtain Interface support even when our contract with them ended and we feel that Interface is an organisation that genuinely cares and desires the best outcome for their clients.

Kineara Housing

Interface provided a high quality and responsive service, demonstrating expert understanding of family support services. They played an important role in assisting our organisation with the development an important new service.


The trainer is very engaging. Delivery has been fun and informal and given everyone taking part an opportunity to share thoughts, views and opinions. It has been excellent training to reflect and build upon my skills and knowledge base.

Newham Children Services Department Troubled Families Team

We had Level 4 training for 150 practitioners across a range of multi-agency services, the TF lead said: "We have used different providers for this in the past and none were remotely as professional as Interface. Their trainers and QA process have been exceptional."

Troubled Families Lead

Excellent training from knowledgeable trainers. The training day has really made me think about my practice. I can now put all my new learning into practice, I am much more aware of tools provided to assist families and I am also be much more aware of how I practice. Extremely useful, applicable and relevant.

Programmes Manager Troubled Families (Bournemouth)

As Service Manager of two FIPs, I have worked with Interface for some time. I find that they are knowledgeable and experienced, with a depth of understanding about the evolution from FIP to Troubled Families work, and have long experience of 'what works' in working with troubled families.

Service Manager Catch22 Intensive Family Intervention Projects

The training has improved outcomes for families and challenged the staff on being focussed on making improvements. The trainer was excellent.

LB Croydon

I really enjoyed the course it was well delivered by experienced trainers. Training was delivered with enthusiasm knowledge of the work we are doing and the wider picture for the future. The organisation and dynamic training delivery was superb, kept me engaged for the full 7 training days – Thank You.

Michael Hanrahan - Troubled Families Coordinator

It was very comprehensive. The course was adapted as it progressed. The trainer great at thinking on her feet and amending course content.

Learner on Staff Support and Supervision Course

I am confident that I will be more effective towards engaging with families and young people.

Learner on Effective Engagement and Communication with Families course

Has given me a better understanding and knowledge to take on this role.

Learner on Chairing Team around the Family meetings course

I will put it all into practice and be much more aware of tools provided to assist families and also be much more aware of how I practice.

Learner on Motivational Interviewing course

I would encourage all of my colleagues to attend this training. Excellent tutor with great knowledge base. Very informative with an ability to captivate an audience - excellent.

Learner on Common Mental Health Issues and their Impact on Families

Very beneficial and interesting. Clear training. Essential. I will note risk appropriately to self and family and constantly update risk assessment to enable me to maintain awareness of change with family circumstances.

Learner on Risk Assessments course

Fantastic case studies, excellent!!! About the trainers – I loved the use of their own examples encountered through their own work.

Learner on Intensive Family Support and the Role of the Key Worker course

Really beneficial doing relevant activities – makes it real and good to talk about. Perfectly executed through the day it was Interesting and eye opening - made me think.

Learner on Whole family Assessments course (Oxfordshire)

The feedback was unequivocally positive, with particular reference to the inclusive learning style of the trainers and the flexibility of the course. People liked the practical exercises and have followed up with team discussions.

Service Manager Family Interventions/ Troubled Families Coordinator

A fantastic course, really enjoyed it, well supported. I am much more aware of the partnership and whole family approach, which I intend to take back to my place of work.

FIP Project Manager (Portsmouth)

The new staff team were most enthusiastic about the course content, the skills of the facilitators and the opportunities for bonding as a team. The programme was well structured and as requested the learning was delivered in a variety of engaging styles. The end of week presentations clearly evidenced a lot of hard work and high energy. The staff who joined us this week have clearly benefited from the week and have resources to draw upon and confident in their own expertise and knowledge. They are skills sharing and proving a good level of support and encouragement to one another as they embark on work with some of the most troubled families in the three boroughs.

Family Coaching Service Manager Tri Borough

I have been very pleased by the work carried out by Interface. They were able to work flexibly and adapted well to our requirements. The training was designed and delivered in a constantly changing environment and Interface were able to work well with this and didn't get frustrated! The quality of the training delivered was consistently evaluated as excellent.

Together for Families Lead Officer (Cambridge)

Clare was very knowledgeable and excellent deliverer of the subject and I feel Clare was excellent in regards to ensuring I understood the material.

Learner on the Think Family course (London)

Excellent training from knowledgeable trainers. The training day has really made me think about my practice. Put all new learning into practice and be much more aware of tools provided to assist families and also be much more aware of how I practice. Extremely useful, applicable and relevant.

Programmes Manager Troubled Families (Waltham Forest)

I was very pleased with the work completed by Interface as they were thorough and took a careful and considered approach. The consultants were professional and responsive and highly skilled at unpicking the challenges associated with the remit.

Children & Families Commissioning Team (Project Manager)

The terrain they were exploring was fairly complex in terms of the number of stakeholders and channels of communication which they grasped quickly and managed efficiently.

Children & Families Commissioning Team (Project Manager)

It was possible to access the wider team of consultants within Interface which added considerable value to their offer as on occasion additional skills and advice were required.

Children & Families Commissioning Team (Project Manager)

The lessons learned from the research, and articulated clearly in the report, have been extremely valuable and have informed commissioning intentions which will substantially improve our offer locally for children and young people.

Children & Families Commissioning Team (Project Manager)

We set a very challenging timetable for the piece of work we commissioned. Interface developed an approach which both met our time frames, but also provided an incredibly robust and challenging assessment. The combination of the 2 associates with different backgrounds was a benefit to the project and outcomes as it meant we received challenge from a number of angles.

Project Manager Children and Families Commissioning Team