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Family Hubs – Our Services

We are supporting many areas around the Country with their work on Family Hubs including providing needs assessments, supporting partnership approaches, de/recommissioning, developing the local approach and running training programmes and team events to ensure the workforce have the skills and confidence to carry out their roles. 

Our team have extensive experience and a real passion to support you to make a real difference.

We are Leaders in Transformation & Improvement 

We have long been leaders in the field driving transformation and improvement across services for children and families including: 

  • supporting many areas with transformation around delivering Family Hubs
  • being heavily involved in the creation of Sure Start centres across the country (1999)
  • supporting the roll out of every child matters (2000+)
  • working with the respect agenda (2008)
  • leading the ‘Think Family’ reforms to encourage whole family working (2009)
  • providing advice and challenge to all 152 top tier local authorities and their partners (2010+)
  • being responsible for wider national reforms around families with complex needs including writing guidance on protocols between Drug and Alcohol treatment services, Safeguarding Boards and Children and Family services, Offender Management services, Mental Health services and Young Carers. 
  • supporting areas with the troubled families programme and now supporting areas to co-design and deliver Family Hubs

Our range of services aim to support your work with Family Hubs: 

Case Studies


We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the workforce needs as well as what you are trying to achieve through your Family Hubs work.

Much of our accredited, skills based and qualification  training is suitable for those working in and across Family Hubs so please see more about our training offer here and have a look specifically at our Family Hub Training 

As leaders in the field we created our Level 4, Level 5 accredited and Family Hub training programmes based on best practice and what we know works. 
Our team are extremely experienced and credible, and as a result we are recognised nationally as a provider of high-quality training. Our materials are of excellent quality, always up to date and based on best practice.  
Our mission is to make a real difference and all of our courses are therefore tailored to meet your specific needs. 


We have long been leaders in transforming services towards whole family working and integrated services and have supported many areas across the UK with their design and delivery of Family Hubs. We are chosen because of our history, credibility and deep understanding of the issues as well as our passion to ensure the best outcomes for children and families.

Our work in this area includes: 

  • providing strategic support and challenge 
  • advising on governance issues and partnership approaches 
  • supporting peer support and co production with partners, the voluntary and community sector and communities 
  • support with commissioning, business planning and report writing  
  • facilitating workshops, visioning events and meetings  
  • sharing best practice across the UK 

We work collaboratively and flexibility - genuinely putting families at the heart of all we do.