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Family Hubs Training

Our Family Hub training supports those aiming to improve access to preventative services through Family Hubs. In order to create a seamless early help offer you need to identify vulnerable children and families as early as possible and support them with the right intervention at the right time. This also means greater accountability across all agencies for identifying need earlier; leading to families understanding and making effective changes that ultimately improve their health and wellbeing.

This requires bringing together an integrated workforce with teams of practitioners from different professional backgrounds, with different skills, understanding, knowledge and experience. 

We are steeped in experience of providing training programmes in a shared learning environment to enhance integrated working practice to provide a highly informed early help offer in supporting vulnerable children and families. 

We will create a bespoke training programme to meet your precise needs which support practitioners to:

  • Share a common vision with shared principles that bind everyone together
  • Work through any change in culture and understand the context supporting practitioners to move away from any ‘referring on’ culture to one of ‘how can I help you as a family?’
  • Have one front door for 0-19 services and pathways for child, young person and adult services
  • Identify and assess vulnerable children and families
  • Work in a whole family way, engaging and working with all family members across the age ranges (child, young person, adults)
  • Understand child development
  • Consider strengths-based and child-centred approaches
  • Build skills in appropriate challenge and difficult conversations
  • Create family plans and run family meetings
  • Be able to hold appropriate multi-agency conversations
  • Support individuals and families towards building resilience, independence and self-reliance
  • Be able to reflect on own practice

You might want to look at our Early Help Training HERE for an idea of what this could cover. But we will always tailor a programme for your precise needs. 

Contact us for an informal discussion about a programme that might help you.

We also have a consultancy offer to support you to establish your needs and set up these services.


  • All courses are offered on a Face to Face or Virtual basis.
  • Bespoke & Open Training Courses Available.

Case Studies

  • Shropshire Early Help – Practitioner Programme

    We delivered a face to face four-day program to a range of staff providing whole family support both in schools and the local authority Early Help remit.
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  • Buckinghamshire – Early Help 4 day practitioner program

    Bucks were transforming their early help service and recognised the need to offer staff training and development during the restructure.The objective was to both upskill staff and to ensure a shared understanding of the vision and process moving forward with the Early Help offer.
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  • Westminster Family Hub ILT Support

    We provided support for the creation of Family hubs including working with a range of leaders across local areas around their local the vision and the creation and ongoing support of integrated leadership teams.

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  • Hounslow Early Help Practitioner programme.

    LB of Hounslow were undergoing a restructure of their wider early help service and offer. The 4 day skills based training was offered to staff working in their targeted youth service, children’s centre’s and family support service. The training supported the new thinking and allowed staff to consider the changes in Hounslow, what was working well and recommendations for feedback to service managers.
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  • Northumberland Case Study – 4 Day Early Help

    This four day course facilitated the learning of 50 professionals from family support back grounds who were introducing a new early help support package within the borough.
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  • Early Help Training – London Borough of Haringey

    Interface worked with Haringey Early Help Executive group members to develop a 3 module training programme for front line staff and those involved in the wider early help offer. The package of support was to integrate the new Early help workflow in to practice and embrace the culture change that this would bring. This bespoke course was delivered over 40 training days.
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  • Early Help Training – London Borough of Haringey

    Haringey Children’s Services were seeking to embed their new Early Help Framework approach to provide early help and support to families and children. This is the approach Interface adopted to meet our client's needs...
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Cancellation Policy

We are very flexible and will do our utmost to rearrange training should the need arise, but our trainers obviously commit themselves to the training days agreed and so if you need to cancel at short notice we will need to charge a cancellation fee to cover their time.