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Research finds young people do not feel safe from police officers, even at home

A study published by the Alliance for Youth Justice presents new findings from engagement with 90 children and young people across England and Wales, which focused on the three priority topics of criminalisation, policing, and intervention and diversion.

All of the children and young people surveyed in the study agreed that the police in England and Wales have too much power, and not enough accountability. The also reported that, second to out in the community, the place they see police officers most frequently is at home and that that those who are subjected to use of force by police report that this is experienced to an excessive degree.

Respondents survey shared strong disagreement with the idea that police in schools would increase feelings of safety, and strongly agreed that the presence of police changes where they go.

In response to the findings, the AYJ Young Advocates developed a series of recommendations for decision-makers to address these challenges which have since ben showcased to Parliamentarians, senior officials, police officers, youth justice service practitioners, and organisations from across the voluntary and community sector.

You can read the full report here

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Published on 20th April 2024