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eLearning is fixed, off the shelf courses which do not require contact with a trainer/facilitator or any fellow learner. The content is hosted online and available on a self-serve basis. Learners work their way through the training package at their convenience and at their own speed. 

Why eLearning?

eLearning can fit well around your life and work. It works well for individuals wanting training through to larger numbers of the workforce and it provides excellent value for money.  It is cost effective because it reduces time away from the front line, reduces classroom and travel costs and can be accessed for up to a year at a time convenient to the individual. We provide an individual license for the number of learners who are then able to access the course at any time throughout the year.

It can be used as a standalone solution or as part of a wider blended learning programme.

Our eLearning programmes are below:


Motivational Interviewing

Working effectively with individuals and families with multiple and complex needs requires staff to bring about change and improvements in outcomes. Motivational interviewing is a powerful technique in bringing about behaviour change.

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