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Interface has ISO 9001:2015 Certification

We are delighted to have ISO 9001:2015 Certification which recognises the quality standards we are working to.

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Interface join the CPD Certification Service to gain independent accreditation of key skills-based courses

Interface has announced membership to the CPD Certification Service, the leading independent CPD accreditation institution

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Interface are trusted by…

The Interface team are all of a high calibre and experts in their chosen fields. I would have no hesitation in recommending them, particularly for contracts which need expertise in service development, interpreting current policy agendas and training support for very vulnerable adults and children and which needed to secure the engagement and commitment of local authorities and services.

Director, Children and Young People, North East

Interface have delivered several training events for us and have been been a really positive, upbeat and flexibility organisation to work with. The training events have been excellent; engaged my teams, pitched and paced at the right level and have been valued by the staff who attended and contributed robustly to our programme of continuing professional development across our multi-disciplinary team.

Justin Elder, Early Start Group

I have really enjoyed this course. It was engaging, purposeful & one of the most enabling courses to reflect & be honest on. You created a safe & open space that made it extremely easy to learn by osmosis from the group as well as the course content. Thank you!

Delegate - Early Help Programme, Shropshire Autumn 2021

Interface have delivered several training events for us and have been been a really positive, upbeat and flexibility organisation to work with. The training events have been excellent; engaged my teams, pitched and paced at the right level and have been valued by the staff who attended and contributed robustly to our programme of continuing professional development across our multi-disciplinary team.

Justin Elder, Early Start Group

I can state with all honesty that this training has been the most useful and enlightening training I have attended. Wendy was wonderful.

Learner, Our Way of Working programme

Trainer was really excellent, knew her stuff and engaged the group. Useful training for staff at all levels in Children's Services

Learner, Trauma Informed Practice Programme, LB Enfield

This is crucial training- especially in light of the current world situation- everyone is experiencing some kind of trauma at the moment and for some this may tip them over the edge. These strategies will provide a net to catch them and hopefully enable them to find the right approach and self-belief to rebuild and move on successfully.

Learner, Our Way of Working programme

C-Change training challenges practitioners to really think about how collaboratively they work with parents and to ensure that parents understand what and why they need to change through the development of clear and realistic goals in addition to helping them understand their barriers to change. The practice manual sets the approach out clearly and enables to practitioners to match the questions and tools to the specific needs of the parent(s). The training was delivered in an engaging and interactive way enabling participants be begin to apply the approach to practice and therefore leaving the training confident about their ability to integrate the approach into their practice.

Jason Caldwell, SEHSCT Northern Ireland

Interface as always have been professional and flexible in their approach and delivery, working with us to get the most out of the programme. Without exception the practitioners completing the Level 4 certificate have fedback that the trainers are excellent, the sessions varied and interesting, that they felt supported throughout the programme and that the course has improved their practice. They loved the projects, which are still being developed further for use by Shropshire Early Help Practitioners to use with families.

Kay Smallbone, Troubled Families Strategic Coordinator, Shropshire Council

The way it is delivered is the perfect level of challenge and acknowledging some participants lack of confidence around academic study without dumbing down. The course content is engaging and stimulating and complimented the vast experience within our team.
Clare, our course facilitator was encouraging, supportive and challenging. She delivered the content with enthusiasm and demonstrated her experience and understanding of the complexities of the work brilliantly whilst allowing space for the experience of the trainees to shine through. Feedback from the team was wholly positive and I have seen their confidence in their abilities grow before my eyes.

Level 4 Working with Children Individuals & Families, Commissioner, Southside

This is the highlight of my career so far I am totally inspired by Clare to do the best job I can possibly do for families, she is so passionate about making a difference to the lives of vulnerable children and families, I’m just sad it’s finished.

Learner on Level 4 Certificate Working with Children, Individuals & Families - Southside

Interface provide highly experienced and committed trainers who are able to relate practice to operational realities and ensure that all attending the level 4 Certificate were fully able to participate and reflect on their own practice and learning needs. Our managers and practitioners have had a very positive experience completing the Level 4 course with Clare and Wendy.

Philip Beck, Head of Services and Partnerships, Norfolk County Council – Children's Services

Interface's training on the C-Change framework has been hailed as one of the most successful training courses the local authority has ever received!

Early Help Practice Manager, Central Bedfordshire Council

It really has been an absolute pleasure to know you! I love your teaching style and cannot express how much I got out of the sessions. It was a therapeutic and extremely positive experience. I feel it will benefit my practise/ approaches with families so very much. I actually did not want it to end!

Level 4 Course, Tower Hamlets

Thank you for the useful and informative training session. The guidance that your trainer gave and the discussions mean that the school and the governors will be better prepared and more confident when they are inspected.

Clerk to the Stapleford Community Primary School Governing Body

We approached Interface to discuss the delivery of their Supervision training in-house for our organisation. Their proposed solution allowed for us to tailor the training to exactly meet our needs. The trainers delivery was engaging and inclusive. She used lots of relevant and practical examples imparting her extensive knowledge. Delegates left the training with specific individual plans which should have a positive impact on their practice of supervision.

Wendy Such (Parenting Coordinator, Bracknell Forest)

Thank you! The trainer was extremely knowledgeable, the course was really useful to me and I learnt a great deal that will be of use.

Ashmead Primary School Teacher

Interface were very flexible in meeting our organisation’s needs. The trainer’s style was particularly effective in holding, supporting and gently challenging staff during a period of significant change and subsequent uncertainty. Her training style is clear, warm, appropriately challenging and encourages reflection. She has fed back regularly to managers on any wider issues that have been raised during the training and that we should be considering which is particularly helpful. Feedback from participants has been consistently positive about the quality of the delivery of the training.

Kirsten Carr, Early Help Transformation and Impact Manager (London Borough of Haringey)

Many thanks for the report, the work that went into it and the slides. I hope you are all having a well-deserved rest! Please know that the work will result in positive change and that you will have been instrumental in putting us on the right path.

Kate Wesson, Project Manager Children and Families Commissioning Team (West Sussex)

Our approach to early help was inadequate as was our Troubled Families programme, overall we were not fit for families and as a result we were failing. Interface worked alongside us as we built our new Early Help offer, enabling external trouble shooting, facilitation of the identification of solutions and growing practitioners that had all the skills but were lacking in confidence and application. Interface worked alongside us. They were excellent and professional throughout. The outcomes were excellent with a recent Ofsted inspection praising within our Early Help teams.

Elizabeth Broadhurst, Troubled Families Coordinator (Norfolk)

How refreshing it is to see a company put together a package that clearly demonstrates that you have worked in this field and produced a tool that can actually evidence what work we do.

Joanne Aston

As Service Manager of two FIPs, I have worked with Interface for some time. I find that they are knowledgeable and experienced, with a depth of understanding about the evolution from FIP to Troubled Families work, and have long experience of 'what works' in working with troubled families.

Service Manager Catch22 Intensive Family Intervention Projects

I really enjoyed the course it was well delivered by experienced trainers. Training was delivered with enthusiasm knowledge of the work we are doing and the wider picture for the future. The organisation and dynamic training delivery was superb, kept me engaged for the full 7 training days – Thank You.

Michael Hanrahan - Troubled Families Coordinator

Clare was very knowledgeable and excellent deliverer of the subject and I feel Clare was excellent in regards to ensuring I understood the material.

Learner on the Think Family course (London)