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Motivational Interviewing

Working effectively with individuals and families with multiple and complex needs requires staff to bring about change and improvements in outcomes. Motivational interviewing is a powerful technique in bringing about behaviour change.

This course will provide you with knowledge and awareness how to use motivational interviewing as a technique. You will consider the cycle of change and consider how to work with ambivalence. There will be opportunities to practice the techniques as well!

The course is suitable for front line staff working on the Early Help/Troubled families agenda as well as school staff, children services, those in early years settings, the VCS, Housing and Health.

This is a fully comprehensive eLearning programme.

Learners will:

Gain knowledge and awareness of the use of motivational interviewing in practice terms – why it works and the principles underlying MI

  • Learn the core skills used to have a motivational conversation
  • Be provided with skills and tools for use with individuals and families
  • Be able to articulate and understand the Cycle of Change and how to use Motivational interviewing alongside each of these
  • Gain knowledge of theoretical underpinnings of Motivational Interviewing and behaviour change
  • Be able to reflect on current practice
  • Be able to apply principles of behaviour change in practice- working with resistance and ambivalence
  • Be able to hold a “motivational conversation” 

There are interactive videos and exercises to check understanding.

Watch our sample video on motivational interviewing 


See below for the table of prices (costs per licence reduce with volume purchased). All prices exclude VAT which will be added at the prevailing rate. 

Contact us to discuss a discount on multiple licences.

ELearning pricing grid

Number Purchased Cost per person Total cost if Min Purchased Total cost if maximum purchased
Motivational Interviewing
1-10 £55 £55 £550
11-20 £40 590 £950 (10 @ £55 plus 10 @ £40)
21-30 £30 £980 £1,250 (10 @ £55 plus 10 @ £40 plus 10 @ £30)
31-50 £25 £1,195 £1,420 (10 @ £49 plus 10 @ £39 plus 10 @ £29 plus 10 @ £25)
Motivational Interviewing - Large Volume Purchases
51 - 75 £150 set up fee then £23 each £1,323 £1,875
76 -150 £275 set up fee then £21 each £1,871 £3,425
Over 150 £400 set up fee then £20 each £3,420