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Westminster Family Hubs Training

“Excellent OFSTED results for City of Westminster” (October 2019)

Interface worked closely with Westminster Council over 2 years supporting the creation of Family Hubs and skilling up the workforce in their Early Help model.

The 4-day training programme covered:

  • Effective engagement and communication
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Family and individual assessment
  • Supporting families and individuals towards independence and self-reliance

There was representation from school nurses, senior leadership within primary schools and children centres, health visitors, mental health practitioners, outreach workers from voluntary sector organisations, family practitioners and MET Police youth engagement officers.

We delivered a training course which met the needs of this diverse staff group. All staff valued the opportunity to meet other members of staff from other agencies within the network. One of the key learning points made by staff was the importance of not being so focused on giving families the solution, but to empower families to generate ideas and their own solutions.

 “Staff gave really positive feedback on the training” Early Help and Partnerships Service Manager

The inspection of children’s social care services in the City of Westminster found that the area was outstanding in all areas. In particular, ‘Exemplary early help services, and highly skilled assistance for children at risk of entering care, address difficulties in families quickly and effectively, reducing the numbers of children requiring a statutory child protection or child in need plan. Re-referral rates are low, indicating that interventions result in sustained improvements in children’s lives.’ The success of the training led to the programme being rolled out across the borough.