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Westminster Family Hub Training

We worked with an integrated workforce, who delivered early intervention to children and young people and their families as part of a pilot programme. There was representation from school nurses, health visitors, outreach workers from voluntary sector organisations, family practitioners and MET Police youth engagement officers.

The three and a half day training programme covered:

  • Effective engagement and communication
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Family and individual assessment
  • Supporting families and individuals towards independence and self-reliance

We delivered a training course which met the needs of a diverse staff group. All staff valued the opportunity to meet other members of staff from other agencies within the network. One of the key learning points made by staff was the importance of not being so focused on giving families the solution, but to empower families to generate ideas and their own solutions. The success of the training had led to the commissioning of further training delivery, as the programme is rolled out across the Borough.

 “Staff gave really positive feedback on the training” Early Help and Partnerships Service Manager