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Adults with Complex Needs Evaluation – Hertfordshire CC and partners

A multi-agency steering group with representatives from all statutory agencies and third sector organisations set up a project to test the hypothesis that:

‘When agencies pool resources and work more closely together by providing a preventative service targeted at complex adults with multiple needs, they deliver both improved and sustained outcomes, in a more cost effective and customer focused manner. In the long term, this reduces demand on services and generates a return of investment for funding agencies.’

We carried out the evaluation over the life of the pilot to provide an independent understanding of the success or failure of the pilot and consider the data collected by Resolving Chaos. We:

  •       Verified the transactional data used by Resolving Chaos (RC)
  •       Provided qualitative evaluation of the impact
  •       Provided a service analysis – considering the credibility of the service and the ability for it to be replicated

The nature of the project meant that we had to be flexible in terms of dates and approach as the provider and partners were all learning from the project. We supported partners throughout the project over an 18 month period to consider:

  •       The benefits and outcomes that were achieved (individual/service level)
  •       What made a difference for individuals
  •       Insight into sustainability of positive change
  •       What enablers and challenges exist in the service environment
  •       Whether to continue/expand the project


"James and Wendy were very easy to work with and had a good style which worked for me personally, the project and our organisation. We faced a few obstacles that required the work programme to change. They were extremely flexible.  Interface delivered exactly what we asked for and I would highly recommend them."  Project Manager, Improvement Team, Hertfordshire County Council