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Parental Capacity to Change Training - Health and Social Care South East Trust Northern Ireland

We delivered the 2 day C Change programme to a range of professionals working in Early Help & Family Centres, completing Parenting Assessments and Court reports, across a large and diverse area. We have delivered this training to the Trust a number of times and they hope to implement C Change across the whole authority. The programme introduces the concepts of C Change, sets the context within which the model was developed and addresses how the model can be used to enhance and support existing assessment models. Participants work on case studies to practice key skills before moving on to apply the model to their own cases.

 Feedback on the programme was positive and included the following comments:

  • Provides tools and processes that can be used to draw out facilitators and barriers to change and the need to be aware of the need to include parents and families as the key facilitators to directing goals and the timescale of same in response to the child.
  • This approach will help me to think more about the experiences of the child and parents when undergoing assessments with myself to ensure assessments are more considered inclusive and holistic approach.
  • I plan to incorporate C-Change in to all my assessments being presented to court.  The clear goals for parents and review mechanisms is a clear way of working collaboratively with parents.