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Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council – Motivational Conversations

Barnsley Borough Council were looking for a training provider that could help train their outreach workers in motivational conversations. Staff were trained to have motivational conversations during 1:1 sessions with service users, going beyond the focus of 0-5s activities within the Family Centres. The two-day course was tailored to enable staff to feel more confident in working with families with older children, but also to empower them to feel more confident in challenging families around their current levels of physical activity.

During the training session, participants were introduced to the principles of motivational interviewing and how they can be applied in a conversational style that can be used in a range of situations. Open questioning and demonstrating empathy through reflective skills were areas that participants felt confident that they would implement their new skills.

“The trainer was very accommodating to our needs.. our needs were very specific to our programme and Interface adapted to suit this.” Project Coordinator