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Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council - ACE's training

Interface was commissioned by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council to provide 2 separate days training on ACE's (Adverse Childhood Experiences) to Local Authority family support staff.

Staff support families mostly at Early Help stages through the Early Help Assessment framework, however throughout the training felt that the risk in their roles had amplified and they required more knowledge to reduce re-referral rates and change the culture of how they deal with teens that they increasingly being asked to work with. 

The ACE's training gave the staff an opportunity to understand how they engage with families and young people. Discussions surrounding trauma and best practice when guiding young people and families through understanding behaviour that occurs now but had roots in early childhood was really enlightening and enabled workforce discussion surrounding assessment and planning as well as intervention. Mindfulness techniques, and understanding brain functions were two key opportunities for learning that the workforce felt they could take away, all visual aided, which enabled learning to introduced to the families that they were supporting. 

Feedback from the group included: 

‘I will use ACE's knowledge in assessments and action planning’

‘Training will enable me to support families, understand ACE's and the impact on families’

‘I found the secondary trauma very interesting and will remember this in practice, Thank you, lovely relaxed manner and very knowledgeable’

‘I will look at the ACE of the family in my assessment work and incorporate this into my knowledge of the family’

‘Gave me more thought into ACE's within family, incorporating this into my parenting groups and work with families’

‘Really enjoyed this, I felt as though this was very thought provoking’

‘Content was great, informative’