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Bracknell Forest- 2 Day Trauma Informed Practice

We completed consultation with Bracknell Forest Early Help/Youth Support team to create a bespoke 2-day Trauma Informed Practice training program. The aim of the training was to support staff to build skills to support children and young people accessing services. Bespoke case studies focused on direct practice relevant to Youth Work, enabling staff to apply the skills directly to their everyday practice. Youth Work, Exploitation, Youth Projects, Safeguarding and School Inclusion teams were represented at the training.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the values and principles that underlie Trauma Informed Practice
  • Consider what constitute Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Explore the impact of ACE’s and how these contribute to the need for Trauma Informed Practice for adolescence
  • Explore Teenage development and possible impact of Trauma and/or disadvantage
  • Understand the four principle of TIP – Recognise, Respond, avoid Re traumatisation, build Resilience 
  • Develop practice skills and techniques to come alongside the client in a trauma informed way
  • Understand why Trauma Informed Practice is important for services, families and young people
  • Recognise the positive impact of demonstrating unconditional positive regard
  • Understand secondary and vicarious trauma and how to respond to it and prevent it


“I will feedback to team and use the knowledge and skills learnt in my role”.

“I will always think about trauma first before making recommendations regarding interventions and plans”.

“When I go and see a child/young person for the first time I will go in with a "blank slate" approach”.

“It was really good to reflect on re-traumatisation of pupils. I will now be  more conscious of this in what I do”.

“I will be more conscious to practise with compassion for staff/management as well as the young people accessing our services”.