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Bracknell Forest Evaluation

Bracknell Forest Council has a strategic priority to build volunteering and improve community resilience. They are keen to build and support communities that can help themselves through the increased use of volunteers. 

They received funding from DCLG through the ‘Delivering Differently in Neighbourhood’ fund to pilot a feasibility project to redesign services to some of the most vulnerable members of the community through establishing a programme of neighbourhood based very early support and intervention

Between September and 2015 March 2016, we provided an independent evaluation of the impact of the project both quantitatively and qualitatively to consider:

  • the strengths of the project
  • the benefits for individuals and families
  • whether early indications suggest that the project has achieved its aims
  • whether it provides good value for money
  • any other important key learnings through adopting this model
  • any additional measures of performance that we could recommend to demonstrate outcomes

Through a mixed method of both qualitative and quantative we examined the effectiveness of attracting and training volunteers as well as the views of key partners and importantly the impact on families on the community. 

We provided a Theory of Change workshop and undertook interviews with key staff, partners and families.

Work was completed on time and within budget.