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Bracknell Forest Leadership Programme

We were commissioned to provide a 3-day leadership programme for school leaders across Bracknell Forest and Reading who were new to senior leadership/heads and aspiring head teachers. Course Content included:

DAY 1 – The role of the Headteacher and leading others

  • Understand the core purpose the HT role
  • Consider the challenges and opportunities faced by headteachers
  • Learn how to inspire and motivate others
  • Understand different leadership styles and when each are appropriate
  • Learn about leadership actions which have the most impact in schools
  • Differentiating leadership from management
  • Action planning – the first 100 days – follow SMART planning

 Day 2 – Effectiveness and securing change in a school environment

  • Understand theoretical change models (incl. Kotter and Kubler Ross) and apply to practice using real case examples
  • Understand effective leadership habits (incl. Covey)
  • Consider the importance of perspective and approaches to overcome resistance
  • Action planning around change and problem solving – real school examples

 Day 3 – Developing and sustaining self and others

  • Understand own values and how these impact on your role as a HT
  • Learn how to develop and sustain resilience
  • Practice having challenging conversations
  • Develop leadership skills around motivational conversations
  • Managing up – personal accountability and increased levels of scrutiny
  • Understand the STEPS checklist for a winning mindset (Damian Hughes)
  • Action planning

Alongside the programme we provided coaching sessions for each leader.It was a great privilege working with thes leaders and many relationships have continued to date.

Feedback included:


‘I have learnt so much from this programme. Thank you!’

‘I loved the theories and relating to them to practice. This will really help me going forward in my new role.’

‘I feel so much more confident and ready for the next stage of my career. I loved the first 1000 days and the time to plan.’


‘It was an absolute pleasure to work with Interface. They delivered a bespoke programme for leaders that was tightly tailored to meet our needs. The programme was of an excellent standard and was highly valued by all participants. I look forward to working with them again in the future.’ Zoe Livingstone, Standards and Effectiveness Partner, Bracknell Forest Council (Education)