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Bracknell Forest motivational conversations training and coaching for school leaders

We were commissioned to provide support for school leaders across Bracknell Forest around holding motivational conversations.  This is a powerful technique in bringing about behaviour change and improvement.

This was to support them in managing staff and using techniques to encourage staff to own the problem/situation and enable them to come up with options and solutions for change.

 We worked with a fantastic range of passionate school leaders and covered:

  • The knowledge and use of motivational techniques and practices
  • Why motivational approaches work
  • Why and when are people ready to change
  • Practising using motivational approaches to performance manage staff
  • Lots of practice around exploring current scenarios
  • Applying principles of behaviour change to working with resistance and ambivalence

 We also provided coaching for 8 school leaders.

 Feedback included:

‘Giving time to think about what works and why has been really valuable’

‘I know what to do with my tricky situation now – I have been avoiding it for too long and now it makes sense’

‘I went straight back to work and tried out what we had practiced, the results were amazing and so much better than I thought’

'The overall Interface experience was excellent, we would definitely use them again – in fact we have already booked in further dates’. Chief Officer, Education and Learning