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Brighton & Hove - Baby, Child and Teenage Brain Development

We have continued to support Brighton & Hove workforce development in understanding brain development and the impacts on practice. Due to Covid restrictions the 1 day course was delivered on a virtual basis broken in to 2 half day live training sessions with resources and reading to support between sessions.

 Course Outline:

  • Key principles of Baby, Child and Teenage Brain development
  • Observations and behaviours we may see in young people we are working with
  • Understanding the Impact on practice
  • Exploring tools and responses that support recovery and resilience  

Learners explored up to date understanding and research on brain development with a focus on how the current pandemic may be impacting children and their families.

We also considered predicted long term outcomes for young people based on science and research, looking at the impact of trauma and neglect on the developing brain.

We shared case examples and ‘what helps’ in terms of recovery and resilience.

 There was an extensive delegate pack sent to all learners which included research, video links, tools to support practice and further reading to encourage professional development and curiosity.

 Learner Feedback 

The course has helped me to consider the developmental stage of a child or young person and how that might be affecting their difficulties. 

I will use the information in supporting young teenage mums in terms of their own brain development.

The training has been really helpful in terms of supporting young people where trauma may have been a factor and ensuring my response is responsive to the needs of their development