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Brighton and Hove, working with Baby, Child and Teenage Brain development

Interface delivered a one-day practice-based program to a range of staff in Brighton and Hove. The authority was looking for a skills-based program that would deliver a course to meet the needs of multi-disciplinary staff to update their knowledge including the latest research on brain development and offer practice examples to input and improve their interventions and practice.

Staff attended from a range of backgrounds from Parenting practitioners, senior social workers working with looked after children, nursery and school staff.

 Learning outcomes from the day included:

  • Key understanding of baby, child and teenage brain development.
  • Understanding the impact of poverty, neglect and poor parenting on the developing brain.
  • Understanding the impact on practice and supporting the compilation of effective interventions based on child/teenage developmental needs.
  • Considering the impact of external factors - environment, culture, religion, school and media.
  • Building effective communication strategies with children and teenagers.

 Due to positive feedback and staff requests Brighton and Hove have commissioned a second day to be included on their training calendar.

 Learner Feedback included:

  •  I found this course very insightful, I learned a lot more than I would have thought possible about brain development. It will completely inform the way I approach working with young people who have experienced trauma or loss, or those who have been adopted or placed in foster care.
  • Further underpinning knowledge around attachment Teenage brain development relating to planning and logic
  • Following the training I will develop a tool for my colleagues to inform the parents they work with of the potential impact of substance use and poor parenting on their baby/child.
  • Very helpful training - very relevant to the work we do, helps understand the development of the brain and how to bring this into our work.