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Buckinghamshire Family Support Service, Bucks Council

The Family Support Service wanted an interactive day based around skills and practice to build a SMART Family Plan based on assessment of need and encompassing the multi-agency workforce.

We worked closely with managers and the Head of Service to develop a one-day SMART training delivery plan that met their needs. 

The learning objectives for the session were:

  • Explore key principles of SMART plans
  • Build skills to produce a clear SMART Family plan
  • Be able to build effective multi agency agreements in family plans
  • Identify own gaps in practice when completing SMART family plan

It was clear staff were knowledgeable and very capable of assessing family need and identifying smart goals so there was a larger focus on the internal process and an opportunity for staff to think, reflect and learn together.

All sessions were attended by a manager which supported both the consistency in messaging across the teams, the priority and use of SMART family plans and agreed actions to be taken forward. Having managers present also allowed staff to ask internal process questions and feel heard in respect of any barriers or challenges.

Feedback was very positive on the use of the session both in learning and usefulness to practice.