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Parental Capacity to Change training - Carmarthenshire

We delivered the 2 day C Change programme to a range of professionals working primarily in Early Help across a large and diverse area. The programme introduces the concepts of C Change, sets the context within which the model was developed and addresses how the model can be used to enhance and support existing assessment models. Participants work on case studies to practice key skills before moving on to apply the model to their own cases.

Feedback on the programme was positive and included the following comments:

  • I think this training will greatly improve my approach to assessing parental capacity to change. Breaking down the areas helps thought and enables me not only to identify what change is needed but whether it is possible.
  • I feel it will help me focus on what positives are present that work towards change as opposed to just balancing positives/negatives. Balance sheet helped me ensure I am linking the two rather than just listing what’s working and what isn’t working. I feel this will be an area which I will definitely be able to improve now – GAS chart extremely useful.
  • I feel more informed due to the practice examples/tools we used.