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Caerphilly - Engaging Difficult to Engage Families

We provided a virtual training program to a range of staff on skills to engage families. The course was delivered on a virtual basis due to Covid restrictions with our usual 1 day program broken into 2 half day training sessions. 

Learning Outcomes included:

  • Understanding barriers to engagement.
  • Exploring strategies to engage.
  • Understanding the balance between support and challenge.
  • Exploring worker resilience.
  • Working with partners to support engagement.

Learners explored some of the barriers to engagement and their individual offer to families, identifying possible blocks and challenges in their service and practice.

Tools to support engagement and identify barriers were shared and explored and a delegate pack of useful information and further reading to encourage professional development and curiosity.

 Learner Feedback

I have new tools that can support me to have more challenging conversations with families

The information on changing language and how this can support practice was interesting and I can see where this is a barrier in our work with young people

I will be much more reflective on the importance of the relationship in my casework.