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Carers in Hertfordshire - Motivational Interviewing Training

We provided a motivational interviewing training programme for a range of staff in the young carers team, carer support workers (adults and children’s) who work with adult carers to offer them support information and advice including encouraging them to self-care , development workers and their volunteer coordinator to support them with skills.

The programme was successfully provided on a virtual basis as a result of Covid restrictions. The course covered the style and principles of MI, the core skills of using open questions, affirmations, reflective listening and summaries, stages of change and the most useful MI approaches in each stage. We also looked at how to extract DARN (desire, ability, reason and need to change) and CAT (commitment, activation and taking steps).

Feedback included: 

I felt that the course and the content was brilliant and enjoyed every minute. The trainer was very clear and concise and always asked if people understood especially when we were doing exercise. 


Interface were professional at all times, giving clear information about options and recommendations during the early stages of discussion. They adapted to the needs of the group well and gave additional information and ideas.